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5 Pandemic Habits to Keep

In 2020, a BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina health coach shared tips for staying healthy during the early days of the pandemic. Here are five habits to keep for a healthy new year.

The Importance of Play 

March 7, 2024: Children play a lot, but playing is important for all ages. It has many health benefits. We share some ways to add play into your life. 

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8 Ways To Focus on Nutrition in Your Diet

March 20, 2024: Eating a balanced, nutritious diet can be key to good health. Our health experts share some tips and insight to help you add healthy foods to your diet.

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How To Weatherproof Your Health

April 18, 2024: In recent years, we have seen hotter seasons, stronger storms and other weather threats. Scientists expect this to affect human health. Here are some health challenges people may face as the climate changes and what people can do to stay healthy. 

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What Women Need To Know About Their Health

Women have unique health concerns compared to men. Our medical expert shares what women need to know about their health through the years. 

What To Know About Sun Safety

July 11, 2024: South Carolina has a great climate for spending time outdoors. But it is important to have safety measures for when you are in the sun. Here are some ways to protect your skin.  

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How To Have a Healthy Gut

Nov. 30, 2023: The health of your gut can affect your overall health. A BlueCross expert answers questions about the importance of a healthy gut and how to have a good balance. 

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6 Tips For A Healthy Winter 

Dec. 7, 2023: A lot changes during the colder months of the year. Your health does too. It is important to change some habits to stay healthy while it is cold outside. Here are six ways to stay healthy this winter. 

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5 Steps To Reach Your New Year’s Resolution

Jan. 4, 2024: Setting goals for a healthy year doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Our health expert shares tips for making lifestyle changes and sticking to them. 

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5 Heart Health Myths 

Feb. 8, 2024: A health expert examines common misconceptions around heart health. Having a healthy cardiovascular system is important for overall health. 

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